Reading: 1 Samuel 20

for he was grieved for David, because his father had done him shame.” (1 Samuel 20:34)

Let me speak to the fathers reading this post. Saul was turning into a dud. It seemed that he had done a pretty good job of raising Jonathan to manhood, but his bitterness was beginning to affect everything in his life, especially his judgment. Was Jonathan’s mother really a “perverse, rebellious woman”? (v30). Was Jonathan really confused? (v30) Was Jonathan deserving of a javelin in the head? (v33) Saul was shaming his friends, his family and his subjects.

It is often said that parenting is “relatively” easy until your kids get to their teenage years. I would go further and say that even the teenage years are relatively easy until your kids get to adulthood, then it becomes exceptionally difficult. Dads, don’t stop being a good father when your kids are grown. Being a godly father is a responsibility that is ongoing. The influence you have on your kids (and grandkids) never ends.

These days so many dads give up on their responsibilities, leaving the child raising to mother. This is a cop out. Every child needs a godly dad. Even adult children need their dad to be, well, their dad; compassionate, available, patient, kind, giving. Single mums need help in this respect (and yes, I was raised in a single parent family).

Men, we have a massive role to play in the family unit. Saul failed his family. Dads, let us walk with God and be the role model our kids so desperately need.


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