The humanist says that the answers to the world’s problems lies in man alone. Ideas are king.

I have a pathological hatred of dentists. OK, maybe it’s not that bad, but the terms “dentist” and “money tree” can be used interchangeably. They are essentially the same thing. Seriously though, I am thankful for dentists. They poke around and find the cause for the misery that is toothache. The same can be said for doctors. I am blessed to have an excellent doctor. Do I like visiting him? No. Do I like his prognosis? No, but I am thankful for his truthfulness in investigating my elevated levels of bad cholesterol! Doctors aren’t in business to be liked!

As a sweeping but truthful generalization, the world hates Christians. Why? Because the world hates Jesus. Why? Because Jesus is truth personified. “I am the truth” are His words. Truth says that ALL…

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