The collective will of a person or a nation does not supersede the clear command of God in His Word” (Thomas Gonderman)

“The lowest ebb is the turn of the tide.” (Anon)

“How easy it is for rebels to spread their cancerous effects unto others, who sinfully grasp the notion and quickly become fervent supporters.” (Fraser Young)

“We can never receive the righteousness of Christ until we let go of our own. This is repentance.” (Anon)
“When we run ahead of God, we run into trouble.” (Fraser Young)
“…greatness of faith is not proven in what is received, but in how long a person can wait without wavering to receive.”   (Michael Wells) 
“There are no shortcuts to spirituality…Spirituality comes from the Spirit of Christ, not from a set of circumstances.”    (Michael Wells)
“For the Christian, there is no ladder to climb, only a position to assume, that of servant.” (Fraser Young)
“God is not to be systematised and understood; that is something that unbelievers do to God; rather, He is to be obeyed and worshipped.”
(Michael Wells) 
“Simplify your life, so that you may know God.”
(Wang Min Dao)
“When Israel walked with God, they never lost a battle.”
(John Ecob)
“You’ve never seen a U-haul behind a hearse.”
“Don’t ever resist a generous impulse.”
(David Gibbs Jr)
“I don’t always know what God is doing, but I know that he knows what he’s doing.”  (R.B. Ouellette)   
“We are human beings, not human doings.”
(David Gibbs Jr)  
“We are bond slaves to Christ; you can’t retire from slavery.”                                                     (David Mitchell) 
“You can’t win with sin.” 
(Fraser Young)
“Most modern movements of the “holy” Spirit do not have the stamp of holiness on them.” (David Mitchell)
“A man is what he is on his knees, and no more.”
“The greatest actors and actresses and not in some play somewhere; they are in the church.” (David Gibbs Jr)  
“If you think you are something because of what you own, you are a super fool.”         (David Gibbs Jr)               
“There are no air conditioners in Hell”
(Fraser Young)
“Your face is God’s billboard”
(David Gibbs Jr)
“Flee flattery, false praise and fair weather friends”
(Fraser Young)
“A ‘perfect’ heart is a consecrated heart”
(David Mitchell)
“A new Christian is not sinless, but they should sin less”
“Christians can mourn with confident expectation of better things” 
(Peter Mitchell)
“God is seldom early, but always on time”
“Waiting time is not wasted time”
“Many have a prayer time – few have a prayer life”
(Tom Williams)
“The Gospel net never breaks; whosoever will may come”
(Fraser Young)
“Frenzied activity is no gauge of spirituality”
(Fraser Young)
“God is always at war with sin”
(G Campbell Morgan)
“Faith is never a matter of can or cannot, but rather, will or will not” 
(Fraser Young)
“Faith is going farther than I can see” (Paul Chappell)
“The thorn keeps us from over-inflating”
(Fraser Young)
“I must look past my capabilities and see God’s possibilities”
(Fraser Young)
“The closer I get to God, the blacker the little sins appear”
(Fraser Young)
“There’s a difference to being humble and being humbled”
(Fraser Young)
“Paperwork is easier than people work”
(John Goetsch)
“Does anybody want to be like you?”
(John Goetsch)
“We impress people from a distance, but impact people up close” 
(John Goetsch)
“Where ever you are, be all there”
(Jim Elliott)
“Give your problems to God before you go to sleep; He’s going to be up all night anyway!”(Anon)
“My job is to believe that God can do His job”
(David Gibbs Jr) 
“You’ll never really know if you have a servant’s heart until someone treats you like a servant” (Anon.)
“You will only see the fourth Man when you’re in the middle of the fire”
(Rob Booy)
“What Baptists don’t understand, they fear; what they fear, they attack”
(Wayne Sehmish)
“Marriage is a commitment, not an agreement”
(Wayne Sehmish)
“Humility is not thinking less of ourselves; rather it is thinking of ourselves less”      (Anon)
“Contentment is when a man’s desires are confined to his lot in life” 
“A little thing is a little thing, but faithfulness in a little thing is a great thing.”
(Hudson Taylor)